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Is Your Rigging Safe?

By providing rigging Inspection, Training, Maintenance and Warranty we equip any type of space with a comprehensive yearly safety system.

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Initial Rigging

The key to a SAFER VENUE begins with a comprehensive assessment of your entire rigging system.

Annual Rigging

Our technicians take your staff through hands-on rigging training sessions and practical exercises specifically addressing the challenges of your space.

Annual Rigging

Our maintenance is designed to prevent cost-prohibitive repairs or safety incidents from happening through scheduled repairs.

Annual Rigging

To provide the utmost in assurances, the SAFER VENUE program comes complete with an annual warranty.

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As soon as a SAFER VENUE form is completed, or when a specified item is selected, emails can be automatically generated to the appropriate persons on your team. Email notifications can be assigned to stage managers, managing directors, technical directors, facilities managers, vendors, suppliers, or anyone on your staff.


The SAFER VENUE App works to collect data whether you are online or offline. Data-collection options include multiple-choice touchscreen responses, photo and image capture, GPS mapping, signature capture, sketch/doodle, and voice recording.


Repair request fields are built in to your forms, and can be accompanied by photos of the malfunctioning item, and audio messages describing the issue or recording the action of the faulty equipment. Repair requests are categorized by degree of importance, from general wear-and-tear to immediate emergencies. SAFER VENUE project managers will follow up immediately in case of emergency, or will monitor ongoing low-level concerns, communicating directly with the client until the issue is resolved.


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