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Without reliable assistance, venues have no way of knowing whether or not their rigging system is safe and secure. That’s why the Safer Venue program begins with an initial rigging inspection and analysis performed by trained and qualified consultants. Accurate knowledge of the state of their current rigging systems is the first line of defense against safety issues caused by wear-and-tear, misuse, or equipment malfunction.

Our OSHA certified independent experts complete a thorough analysis of every rigging component in your venue. By examining each rigging element, improper design, faulty equipment, and potentially dangerous situations are discovered before they can become serious or catastrophic. A thorough analysis of their rigging systems along with our experts’ recommendations is a great way to improve safety reduce liability. The Safer Venue program is thorough, conscientious, and able to review all types of equipment. Every component that is suspended in your venue involves some type of rigging. That’s why our experts are skilled at assessing the full spectrum of rigging equipment including:

  • Manual Counterweight Rigging
  • Hemp Systems
  • Automated Rigging
  • Line Shaft Hoists
  • Drum Hoists
  • Roll Drops
  • Fire Curtains
  • Pipe Grids
  • Stage Lifts
  • Turntables
  • Tension Grids
  • Curtain Tracks
  • Stage Curtains
  • Orchestra Shells
  • Pit Fillers

The onsite evaluation by our qualified experts is only the start. Once the physical inspection is completed, our independent experts compile a detailed, fully-illustrated report to explain your rigging’s existing condition along with recommendations on how to achieve improved levels of safety. The report includes user-friendly language and descriptions allowing even those with little knowledge of theatrical rigging a clear and concise understanding of any existing and potential problems. The report comes complete with an appendix outlining the clear steps to achieve a 100% safe venue.

If you are not completely certain that every rope, chain, batten, point and shackle in your venue is 100% safe, fill out our Rigging Inspection Form so we can get the process started.

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Using criteria determined during the inspection, our team creates a custom Safer Venue Inspection form for each area, department, or piece of equipment you want to track. These can include machinery, fall protection, safety systems, or anything you can imagine.

*For clients utilizing our new Wi-Fi and cellular supported App, the forms are then assigned to specific iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod Touch® devices.

At a minimum, App-compatible forms will include:

  • Inspector/Personnel Name
  • Time and Date Input or automatic Time and Date Stamping
  • Item condition and Repair level status (Good/Bad, Urgent/Necessary/Basic, etc.)
  • Detailed (sub-form) issue description field
  • Numeric Identifier (for cataloging and tracking equipment or repairs)
  • Image Input: A photo of the equipment can be taken live, or selected from a file
  • Audio Input: Send a voice message describing the issue, or record sounds from faulty equipment
  • Signature capture to identify and verify Personnel
  • Automated syncing of updated forms to cloud server

Forms can be revised to your specifications by our team at any time, and will automatically upgrade to all App users’ devices.

The Safer Venue App provides continual review and assessment of your facility. Assigned SAFER VENUE technicians monitor your account, reviewing any flagged inspection reports, and responding to any identified equipment concerns – from assessments of machinery condition and usability to over-the-phone technical support walk-throughs and recommendations to on-site repair calls by our crew.

Make your commitment to a Safer Venue today: 773-533-1590