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Maintaining your equipment properly is our first priority and the most crucial component for a safe rigging system. This portion of the SAFER VENUE program allows problems to be corrected before they become costly or catastrophic.

Through scheduled annual maintenance calls SAFER VENUE specialized technicians are able to address equipment concerns that were reported during the annual rigging inspection.The inspection classifies the level of repair – from basic to urgent – allowing facility managers to budget appropriately and eliminating the financial burden of overhauling an entire rigging system within one year.

Planned, systematic maintenance benefits your theater by:

  • Protecting your equipment from prematurely wearing
  • Avoiding unforeseen repair costs
  • Preventing unanticipated show delays
  • Increasing theater integrity
  • Documenting scheduled upkeep required for compliance with many equipment manufacturer warranties

By enrolling in the comprehensive SAFER VENUE program, users receive a special discount on any work to be performed by CFI after the inspection.

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