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Your venue's safety depends on your entire team. From crew to technicians, everyone needs the information and training to do their job safely.

Areas of concern include knowing how to safely work backstage, how to safely rig from battens and grids, safe operation of machinery, handling scenic elements, executing special effects and performer flying, and how to identify potentially unsafe equipment in your venue.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Understanding your venue's rigging systems
  • Knowing your Equipment: materials, hardware, and fittings
  • Fall Arrest Systems: OSHA compliance and worker safety
  • Safety Planning: understanding breaking strength and load ratings
  • Venue Inspections and reporting practices
  • System and equipment maintenance

SAFER VENUE's ETCP-certified technicians and trainers are also skilled in taking your performing arts staff through customized hands-on Training sessions and practical exercises designed to specifically address the challenges of your entertainment roster and performance space.

Training programs can include select members of your staff, or can encompass your entire team. Each session is fully customized to provide the most applicable and relevant information for each department.

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