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The SAFER VENUE system is designed as a turn-key service covering all of your venue’s needs from facility inspection, to hands-on training, to providing a means that will keep your facility maintained for years to come. That’s why the comprehensive SAFER VENUE system even provides a (1) year warranty on the existing equipment in your venue.

After all the annual inspection, training and maintenance work is completed, SAFER VENUE will warranty the entire rigging system. This includes all items, whether originally installed or serviced by Chicago Flyhouse, Inc. or not. This warranty will cover (1) year, and will be renewed each year the facility remains in the program.


A local high school recently underwent a small rigging renovation involving their curtains and track. At the time of the curtain installation, the carriers were found to be operable and functioning. However, after 3 months, the carriers began to wear out. Since the rigging renovation was performed in conjunction with the SAFER VENUE system and qualified for the SAFER VENUE Warranty, all faulty curtain carriers were replaced for free - a $1500 value!

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